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Cameo Models Build Business  Brands.  Cameo Models WIN for your Company!

Cameo-Who we are

27 Years of Experience

CAMEO is a Christ centered, full service modeling agency and professional model coaching center.   We are "LIVE" fashion events.  We build talent brands.  We build business brands.  We are your source to success, in modeling, acting, dancing, and singing.

 LIVE fashion events build brands.

Winner of 458 International Fashion Awards!

CAMEO is a member agency of M. A. A. I. The Modeling Association of America Inc., New York City. 

Local, National, and International

CAMEO  represents clients both local, national and international.  A few Cameo clients include, The Model Association of America, New York City, Richmond Times Dispatch, Chesterfield Town Center, Regency Square Mall, Macy's, Dillard's, JC PENNEY, NASCAR, Indy, Alltel, Alan Furs, St. Paul's Baptist Church, Willow Lawn Mall, Universal Ford, and City & County School seminars. 

 CAMEO Agents secure national castings and bookings with the best in the business - Nickelodeon, Law & Order, Ugly Betty, Julia Roberts, Cuba Gooding Jr., Merle Strep, Tyler Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Shoe Crazy Wine and Al Pacino projects. 

At Cameo Models We Build Model Brands!  You Can Expect the Best!



Cameo Models Internationale

Cameo First Impressions Role Model Dream Academy. 


Renée Lacy

She is...

UnStoppable, UnMoveable, 

UnBreakable, UnShakable!

Renée Lacy - Biography

A dynamic professional speaker, trainer, consultant, Renée Lacy offers a wealth of practical strategies to empower and challenge her audience. 

Renee' Lacy says POWER UP! THINK UP! LEVEL UP! GET UP! RISE UP and SOAR with the EAGLES! 

Renée Lacys' mission is to empower you, take you higher in your dreams and inspire you to be GREATER, to RISE and SHINE reaching the most of your potential  in life, in style, in Christ, to achieve a more purposeful, rewarding personal and professional life. 

Renées, enthusiastic, engaging, energizing style and her ability to connect with her audiences by sharing real life experiences, serves as a catalyst to inspire you to move beyond contemplating your dreams and to make the changes necessary to take your dreams, your life to the next level. 

Renee' Lacy is a beauty influencer  for major fashion brands and cosmetic brands such as 

Flori Robert's Cosmetics, Color Me Beautiful and Adrien  Arpelle Skin care.  

Renée has over 30 years of sales marketing, public relations, "LIVE" Production FASHION SHOWS, event planning, human resource and SPEAKS REAL LIFE in EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE and EXCELLENCE!!!. 

She is a 3 year stroke survivor, the CEO of Cameo Models Internationale and serves as President Emeritus of M.A.A.I.-The Modeling Association of America International, New York and Miami, author of the book, CAMEO ROLE MODELING - The ULTIMATE DREAM also a powerful podcaster of her own FB show, "POWER MOMENT" with Renee' Lacy.

New show Aires every Sunday on the Facebook inspiration page 



Tune in and listen. 

Renée Lacy specializes in keynotes, seminars, role model workshops, production fashion show event planning, that are customized and designed to meet the unique needs of each client and audience. 

Renées, presentations are thought provoking solutions-oriented and highly interactive offering role model techniques and valuable resources to drive immediate application and results. Her clients include schools, colleges, churches, Corporations and small businesses. 

Renée Lacy has a passion for working with the youth and has spent countless hours "sowing seeds" at various youth organizations. 

BOOK Renée Lacy for your next Woman's Empowerment Conference, or fund raising fashion show event!

Studios and Offices 

Women's  Business Center RVA

1510  Willow Lawn  Drive,  Suite 100

Richmond, Virginia 23230

POWER UP  UP UP with Renee' Lacy.

Email us at

Text or call direct 202.427.9117


Cameo Models Internationale



Renée Lacy 


A look inside of the POWER 

Renée Lacy is a POWERFUL ENTHUSIASTIC speaker indeed, a product of the Dale Carnegie Institute, she communicates from her heart, bringing you her 27 years of Expertise, Experience and Excellence from real life experiences in the fashion arts, in life, in style and in Christ. 

Renée Lacy is originally from Washington D.C., traveled all over the world with her Air Force family, living from Germany, to California, Idaho, Washington State, Georgia, and Ohio.  Living among so many different cultures helped to groom Renée for her professional life working as an account executive in radio sales and marketing to owning her own Christian based model talent agency, CAMEO. 

CAMEO came on the scene in October of 1978, igniting the fashion scene with Production Runway modeling shows presented to malls and non profit groups, which involved theatrics, acting, dancing, eye poping show themes, that featured the most dynamic model talent ever. The students, at that time, trained hard to develop stage technique, personality, overcome shyness, worked on etiquette and social graces in the Cameo Model College. Students were taught how to become a triple threat in Runway, TV Commercials and Fashion Print, leading the agency to achieve over 458 international fashion awards at national convention M.A.A.I. The Modeling Association of America International New York and Miami. 

Renée Lacy specializes in key notes seminars, workshops all customized to meet the needs of her clients. 

Renées, presentations are thought provoking, solution oriented, and highly interactive. 

Renée offers techniques and valuable resources to drive immediate application and results.

Renée Lacy has presented to schools, colleges and corporate businesses of all sizes in a variety of fields  and at all professional levels. 

Renée Lacy is the SHINING LIGHT in the darkness, bringing you HOPE and CAREER DIRECTION, to keep you in pursuit of happiness and success!


Here are Renée Lacy's, TOP 10 VITAL STRATEGIES TO MAXIMIZE YOUR MESSAGE and MONETIZE YOUR MISSION of career success in life and the fashion arts.

1. HOW to build your model brand and
    present proper Dress Image,
    Manners, Personality and SMILE!
2. Know your niche in the business
3. HOW to prepare your portfolio, Bio,
    Resume and Fan Page. 
4. HOW to deliver Runway Theory 
5. HOW to deliver TV Comm Theory 
6. HOW to deliver Fashion Photo Theory 
7. HOW to build an real Agent
    relationship, showcase, shine and 
    learn to interview cast for success.
8. Know the industry Steps to SUCCESS
9. Know HOW to break into the business 
10. START to learn "HOW" to
       discover YOUR GREATNESS

Expect the Best.
Renee' Lacy

for information and booking....
Email -
Text - 202 427 9117



FABULOUS evening out at the presentation of DISCOVER ME SHOWCASE USA!

The ambiance of the VICTORY THEATER EVENT CENTER,  was set with CELEBRITY song stylist entertainer KELLY WRIGHT, NATIONAL AGENTS, Iris from S & L Michigan and New York, Crystal from Who Model Management Honolulu, Hawaii, and Marvin Cratch,  New York CVE Christian Vision Entertainment Global TV. 

The national CELEBRITY MODELS, Erika Jackson, Las Angeles and Michael Rezek,

 New York. 

Queen Hostess Yemaja Jubilee, meeting and greeting our guests.

Driving the Showcases was the phenomenal MC Roi Boyd and the INCREDIBLE 

Shauntae Hudson.

The Lights, Camera ACTION, Michael Hall positioned as the event photographer, Videographer, while the MUSIC, by DJ MO electrified the room to GREATER heights. 


The VENDORS, the FOOD, the GUESTS...THE GIFTS, THE TROPHIES and $7,200 in SCHOLARSHIPS presented to BIG WINNERS to attend M.A.A.I. NY in June of 2020. 

* Virginia's TOP FEMALE MODEL 

Pres'cious Thomas -$1,500 Scholarship to M.A.A.I. The Modeling Association of America International, New York Convention, June 2020. 


Donalysse Felton $1,500 Scholarship to attend M.A.A.I The Modeling Association of America International New York CONVENTION,  June 2020

*Virginia's TOP CHILDREN 

Cyn'cere Dabney,  Age 11

Robbie Loretta, Age 9

Heavenly, Age 6

Cameo Models will attend M.A.A.I. 

The Modeling Association of America International, New York June 2020...WOW! 

The entire presentation of DMS!USA was truly EPIC. 

OVER 50 BIG WINS and TROPHIES received by all CAMEO MODELS, age range 5 to 53, model divisions children, teens, Petite, High Fashion Tall, Curvy and Trendsetters, were all awarded by the national Agents at DMS!USA in RUNWAY, TV COMMERCIALS, PHOTOGRAPHY, SOAP STAR, GREAT LEGGS, KIDZZ QUIZZ and JAZZY JEANS. 

STELLAR presentation as

CAMEO MODELS showed   

"they've got what it takes to make it" in today's society, WINNING BIG at DISCOVER ME SHOWCASE U.S.A. 

AUDITION NOW for CAMEO MODELS where dreams do come TRUE!

NEXT STOP... MAAI, The Modeling Association of America International Convention, New York, June 2020! 


Expect the BEST! 

For Press Interviews contact,

Renee' Lacy, Agency Director

Cameo Models Internationale at



Cameo Models Internationale

Audition for Cameo Models Internationale


Cameo Models Internationale, is looking for you.  We are the fashion model college and talent agency offering you  the triple threat theory of RUNWAY, TV COMMERCIALS and FASHION PRINT.  Cameo represents a professional  Model Talent booking Agency. 

We are always seeking models, actors, dancers and singers for upcoming Agency promotions, Brand Ambassador events,  School programs, talk shows, "LIVE", fashion events, TV Commercials, Fashion print projects, special host appearances, concerts and more.  

Cameo is a member Agency of M.A.A.I. the Modeling Association of America International, New York and Miami where our Models won over 458 International fashion Awards. 

Cameo builds model brands and business brands presenting our "LIVE" Fashion Show events. 

Cameo brings you the EXPERTISE EXPERIENCE and EXCELLENCE in the heart of your community and GLOBALLY.

Cameo Models Internationale is a member client of CVE Christian Vision Entertainment GLOBAL TV NETWORK. 

Serious inquiries should audition or schedule an interview with Cameo Model Agents. 


Submit 1 headshot and 

Submit 1 full body shot with your stats (Age, height, size) 

Please send to Cameo email... 


At CAMEO, YOU can be the NEXT Fashion Model ACTING "STAR" of the FUTURE!


Cameo Models Internationale

Cameo Models Internationale 

Macy's Fashion Show April 27th, 2019



 · Cameo is proven Success – CHAMPIONS – winners of over 458 fashion awards named #1 School Talent Agency on the USA by national Agents. 

· Cameo is here to guide you in the industry, from your model Development to presentation to local and national Agents, with 27 years’ experience. 

· Cameo is your home town Agency, in the heart of your community. 

· Cameo is not a Model Carnival. 

· Cameo is positioned in our very own studio, not a hotel. 

· Cameo is not in Town today and Gone tomorrow. 

· Cameo Directors are not making BIG promises or guarantees, to you to make you a super   star overnight. 

· Cameo helps you to realize the work involved in modeling and acting.

· Cameo helps you to realize that Professional coaching is important, but not everyone is qualified or carries the proper industry credentials to coach. 

· Cameo clients desire that the talent we present to them must be skilled in Runway, TV Commercials, Print and know “HOW” to manage themselves on set with producers and directors, and “NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY. 

· Cameo helps you realize that you must work for what you want. The Days of “being discovered” went out with Lana Turner and Humphrey Bogart. You must learn to champion your own cause, be the president of your own “why not” club. 

· Cameo helps you to realize that nothing is going be handed to you on a “silver platter” … nothing. 

· Study your super stars – Tom Cruise, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Shania Twain, Billy Bob Thornton, Oprah, all came from rags to riches, they worked! 

· Cameo shows you “HOW” to build a relationship, with your Agent. 

· Cameo helps you to understand “HOW” to be loyal to your Agency. 

· Cameo shows you “HOW” to BECOME - the model – the actor …

· Cameo helps you to understand the important of the 4 P's 

- Preparation, Purpose, Promise, Presentation 

· Cameo helps you to understand the 4 D's 

- Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Desire to succeed. 

· Cameo operates a Professional Model College for Model Development and operates a Professional Agency for bookings and castings. 

· Cameo offers Personality development, social Graces, Etiquette to help polish your personality, overcome shyness, speak publicly and raise your self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-confidence and self-worth. 

· Cameo has our own in-house Agency promotions for the talent we represent. We don't wait for the phone to ring to put our models and actors to work. 

· At Cameo, there are guidelines; there are rules to follow…no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol, no nudity. Our Pro Cameo Models are successful, keeping their clothes on, maintaining their integrity, and excellence in their morals, values and beliefs. 

· Cameo brings you the EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE AND EXCELLENCE you are seeking in modeling, acting, dancing and singing, as well as industry clients and connections worldwide! 

· Above all Cameo is Christ Centered, and we are recognized around the world for EXCELLENCE, being Reliable, Being Accountable, Trustworthy, Honest and Sincere about our work, our achievements, our success and the models and talent that we represent. 

· Cameo is led by Renee' Lacy, a woman of EXCELLENCE, and ENERGY, an ENTHUSIASTIC woman, a GIFTED woman of ACCOMPLISHMENT, an EMPOWERING woman after GOD's own heart. 

Cameo FAQ

Let's talk about your introduction to Cameo Agents and what Cameo Directors are looking for in new talent. It's important that you know “how” to prepare. 

First…the proper way to be introduced to Cameo Agents is by way of an audition interview. The next audition interviews is coming up.

Auditions are Posted Weekly (except holidays) 

LOCATION - Cameo Studios, Richmond, Va, Maryland and New York 

TIME - Evening and Saturday Bookings - Please be on time. 

DRESS -  Fashionably - you want to make a good "First Impression" 



This digitized photo is placed on your application and could possibly be used for introduction in the Cameo new Faces division. Prospect may also be asked to bring a head shot and full body photo to your initial audition (No Nudity). 

Second…Cameo Directors are looking for talented Children, Teens, Women and Men, 

Age 5 to 65, who have a sincere desire to succeed in modeling, acting, dancing or singing. Cameo Directors carry no stereotypical image of model or acting types. Petite, Tall & Plus Size are welcomed. 

Talent ages 5 to 18, must be accompanied by parent or guardian. 

Cameo Directors welcome these model and talent types for 

AGENCY castings & bookings …

Petite Model types - 5' - 5'7" ~ Size 4 to 6 

Tall Female Model types ~ 5' 8" - 5'11" ~ Size 4 - 6 

Tall Male Model Types ~ 5' 10" - 6'2 & up Size 42L 44L 

Curvy Model types - 5'9" & taller ~ Size 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18

Trend setter - Corporate Model Types - Age 35, 45, 55, 65 & up 

Talent Actors - all types

Talent Print - all types 

Children - with lots of personality, Age 5-12 

Cameo Directors wants to see you SHINE and project, Determination, Dedication, Discipline, Desire and true passion as you pursue your dream of modeling and acting. 

So, Shine, present your best personality and smile a lot. 


Professional fashion photography is very important to the growth, development and presentation of new models or actors. Do not take chances on amateur photographers. Selfies, Glamour shots or family photos are not acceptable. Glamour shots use too many rhinestones, jewelry and glitter. You do not need distractions when you are photographed, not even jewelry. Believe me, it takes away from you and looks very unprofessional. Cameo presents Top Fashion photographers.  Cameo can help you build a great portfolio. I suggest that you Get started, Get excited, Go for it! 

What do I wear for an interview with an agent or prepare for my audition or a fashion photographer? 

Look hip, stylish and young.

Ladies: A chic dress, or black mini skirt, white top, hose and heels are great.

Do not wear outlandish shoes, platforms, tennis or flip-flops. Pumps are best. 

Jeans are exceptable, just dress them up with a stylish top. 

No jewelry. Minimal perfume. Natural make up. 

Hair should be clean and styled in a universal fashion. 

Hairstyles should be short and sassy or long and flowing. 

French manicure, pale pink or clear nail polish

Men: Wear form fitting jeans, black or white muscle shirt, or creative casual look. 

Loafers or a casual shoe. No tennis shoes. Rugged beard or a clean shave face. 

Children: Look like a model child out of Good Housekeeping magazine. 

Wear a comfortable creative casual look, denim, neon casual clothing.

No tennis, no frills, satin or sequins. Definitely, no make up on children. 

What will Cameo Agents be looking for in model and acting talent? 

Several things. Remember, I talked about that great smile and personality, it goes a long way. Also a talent that presents PASSION and a special Determination to succeed, knowing that it is going to be hard work involved. Acting talent or model talent with a great look, or just one that the agent knows she can sell. 

I would like to be an actor. How can I really know if I have talent? 

That is a tough one. Some people are born with acting skills just like a talented singer, dancer or an artistic painter. Others have to study and work really hard at it. Even professionals who have starred in movies take acting classes to get better and better. 

If you send me a DVD, or u-tube link I will give you an honest answer. 

On your 90 second u-tube link or DVD, do several TV commercials or a monologue if you wish.  An agent can tell in two minutes if you've got what it takes. 

What is the major difference between a modeling school and agency?

A modeling school should offer professional coaching, by an experienced, accomplished coach on Runway, Voice in TV commercials, study of acting scripts, photography preparation, personality development, personal empowerment, self confidence, social graces, charm, etiquette, and human relation skills. There is tuition for these services. 

Be sure to check the credentials of your model / acting coach. Modeling schools make the bulk of their money from tuition and other products they sell. 

An agency, books talent either from direct castings or from your photos which is called stock bookings. If an agency does not have professional photo work of you, they cannot properly represent you or market you. An agency makes the bulk of their income from landing good booking opportunities, with skilled talent that can go in to win the job. You must have skill and talent to back your photo work. These days, clients are not just booking the next pretty face. YOU MUST HAVE TALENT. Always obtain personal references on the companies you decide to do business with. 

Does it cost a lot of money to get started in this business? 

That depends on what you consider a lot of money. Money is relative in the business and may seem a lot to you and may not to someone else. I find that you usually get what you pay for. There are many things to consider when investing money in your model acting career, which is what you are doing…investing in yourself. 

I hate to hear someone tell me, "I heard that if someone wants you, you should not have to pay for anything". That is the biggest myth in the industry. Everyone has to pay for something in order to further his or her careers started or even get professional photography work done. It is matter of trust.  Eventually, you will trust your future in modeling or acting with someone. Be sure you are giving your money to reputable people. Ask for references, photography work samples, or other hidden costs. 

Do not ask for guarantees, as there are none in this business. If someone promises you guarantees. RUN. 

How do I get started on a local level? 

Google information or go old fashioned & look in the phone book and call the agencies and schools that are listed, and see if they offer what you are looking for. Ask about cost, the model / actor types they represent, Agents, training, bookings etc. Ask then to send you information. I suggest you get e-mail. This fast paced industry communicates by way of e-mail, text & twitter. 

Make appointments with the ones you feel comfortable with. If you are under 18, be sure to take a parent or guardian with you on your interview. Finances will be discussed at the end of the interview. Ask for references. 

Remember there are no guarantees in model coaching or model bookings, only hard work and lots of rejection. Only the strong survive in this business. 

What do I need to do, to get started in the business? 

You can go about this in several ways. I am hoping that as you review the Cameo information preparation audition package, that you will be in attendance at the next open call. That would be a step in the right direction. I would like the opportunity to coach you or market your skills and talents in modeling or acting. I have contacts all over the world. Most important I am here to market you, present you, and help you to follow through, and to keep your momentum going. 

I have what it takes to be discovered in the national market. Can you help me? 

Cameo is a member agency of M. A. A. I., The Model Association of America International. Cameo Models have earned over 458 International fashion awards, and over $50,000 in scholarships from the New York Conservatory of fine arts, The New York Film Company all granted by international agents from all over the world. 

M. A. A. I., is America's only non-profit model talent convention in the fine arts, where you can get "discovered" sign contracts, and scholarships, which further your studies in the fine arts. M. A. A. I. is a sponsored convention such as the Olympics, held annually every year at the fabulous world famous Waldorf=Astoria Hotel in New York City, or New York Sheraton Towers Hotel, or in Miami. Learn more about how Cameo Agents can help you make your modeling ~ acting & talent dreams come true, by visiting


Expect the Best!

Renee' Lacy, CEO Executive Director - Cameo Models Internationale, LLC


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